Hadden House

Hi! Welcome to my page!

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Seegar. I am a well-deservedly pampered Siamese cat. I am also a most handsome fellow, if I may say so myself. For that reason, I am the cat jewellery model of Hadden House, along with my sibling Festus. To see me in action, please go to the Pet Jewellery page.

The pet jewellery creations all started because of my grandmother, Pink Gramma. She used to live with me but now lives in her own home, where all sorts of kids her age get to live and play together. I say kids, 'cause Mom says that Pink Gramma is not an elderly lady, she is an antique little girl. Once a week, I go to visit Pink Gramma and all of her friends (and maybe pursuade Mom to buy KFC for lunch). Since I find collars too unsightly and uncomfortable, Mom made me a much more suitable necklace of silver and glass beads. I must say, I look so much better in jewellery. Every week I wear a new necklace to the retirement home, and spend much time being adored by all. Now Mom makes jewellery for other cats and dogs to wear. I am sure that all of the pets will be very thankful. After all, we ARE worth it!

Here are some other pictures of me...

..and some pics of Festus, who is very camera shy...

One of my favourite pastimes is eating. My favourite foods include, but are not in any way limited to: cheese slices, cherry cheese danishes, peanut brittle and KFC chicken.

Click here for my current favourite recipe

Oh, my favourite comic is Get Fuzzy. Some people here say that I resemble the main character Bucky, but aside from being gorgeous, I don't see it.